See why software technology companies in fintech, health tech, cyber security and many more throughout the world have chosen Kisi to secure their office and optimize their company cultures.

As your business continues to grow, you need an access control system that can manage, organize, and analyze employee access to your office, all while aligning with your organization’s strategic goals.

Automate your onboarding process

An easier way to access your office.

Your keys are over 4,000 years old.

A key fob or key card? While they’re not quite as old, they offer a comparable user experience to physical keys: it’s an extra item you can’t forget, an extra item to carry with you at all times, and doesn’t integrate with anything in your life.

With Kisi, your company’s office keys integrate into the one thing your employees can’t live without - their smartphones - so their key can never be lost, stolen, duplicated, bent, or broken.



Without Kisi, onboarding employees is tedious

Integrate Kisi with your current systems to automate this process.

As you grow your team, granting your new hires secure access to your office with Kisi is as easy as the click of a button. Wouldn’t it be great for your new hires to have a key to your office before they even walk through the door on their first day? That’s a pretty smart way to impress your new hires.

Without Kisi, offboarding employees is tedious

Integrate Kisi with your current systems to automate this process.

For employees who are being offboarded from your organization, when they’re removed from your employee database, Kisi instantly revokes their access to your space. It’s secure, fast, and simple - no more worrying about chasing down former employees for their keys to your office.

Custom integrations via the Kisi Open API

With Kisi’s open API, you can easily integrate Kisi with your current onboarding systems so the moment a new employee is added to your company database, and key with the proper access rights is sent to the individuals. No need to jump between systems - handle all onboarding in one place.

Opening a new office? Looking for a multi-office solution?

Kisi can easily be integrated into offices throughout the globe and managed in one centrally-located platform. Access control for small businesses made scalable for growing organizations.

Scale access at your company

Don’t let key cards and physical keys slow you down.

Your business is growing fast. As your office continues to expand onto new floors or into new locations, Kisi allows you to manage your door security in one central location. Rapid growth at a software technology company is an exciting time, but we also know how stressful and intense it can be.

Share key access from mobile

Give keys to new employees with a click.

With the Kisi access management portal, by simply adding in the appropriate name and email, a secure smartphone key is automatically generated and sent to the new hire.

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    Setup your doors and access points

  • 2

    Create groups that have access to specific doors at certain times

  • 3

    Add users to groups to issue them keys

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Improve your office culture

Company culture is the foundation of your business.

With Kisi, showcase that you’re a technology-enabled organization who values security and a seamless user experience.

When your employees find out about Kisi, we can guarantee that you’ll hear a lot of “Wow, that’s so cool,” and “This is pretty awesome, thanks!”

How you secure your office should strengthen your culture.

These are just some of the company culture values Kisi has helped enhance at software technology companies.

Strategic use of smart technology to streamline operations

Maintaining the same culture among both remote and local employees

Optimizing organization for rapid, calculated growth

Enabling employees to do their best work with technologies

Disrupting your industry with new technology

Boost office productivity and efficiency

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