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Welcome to the door of the future

Remote Door Access Control Management

With Kisi you have a blissful experience at access. You can give permissions from remote and control who is coming in.

Manage Access For Your Growing Team Easily

With Kisi you can generate new keys and manage permissions from a central point of control - connect Kisi to your Google Directory to automate on- and off-boarding.

... with a product you can rely on.

Easy Installation Of Hardware

Made in USA hardware allows fast and easy setup similar to internet routers. If it’s just one door or a thousand - add hardware as you go - Kisi is built for easy scaling.

Bank-Grade Security

Today Kisi is the first end-to-end encrypted yet most time saving system in the commercial access control market.

Why companies choose us

Normally people loose keys and you don’t know who has access to what. Kisi changes that.
— IT Administrator, Harry's
I would recommend Kisi a hundred times over specifically for the ease of granting and revoking access.
— Director Employee Experience, Digital Ocean
Kisi is peace of mind for our doors. And it helps us with compliance. 
— Head of Security, Pager

Kisi is an award winning access technology

Kisi won best IoT product of the year 2016 - IoT evolution award


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