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Commercial access control by Kisi is made in the USA

Controlling Access to Facilities That Invent the Future

Kisi provides software that is the dashboard for your doors. Once installed, Kisi allows everyone to access doors using their mobile device.

What hardware is required to connect Kisi to my doors?

The Kisi controller is installed in your server room and is wired to your door locks. Readers are mounted near your doors to detect mobile devices.

Door Controller

Door Controller

Installed in your server room, connects to WiFi and can control up to 4 doors.

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Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers

Mounted at the door with the sleek black casing, this reader allows for hands-free unlocks.

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When is it worth investing in Kisi?

Timing is everything when selecting an access system.

Rapid Growth

Employee Growth

Keep track of all the moving keys.

Moving Offices

Moving Offices

Start off on the right foot.

Office Security

Security Needs

Real-time key tracking. Instantly revoke access.

What will Kisi even do for me?

Kisi helps you survive painful inefficences common at growing businesses.

IT Efficiency

Free Up Time

Save IT and Operations teams from wasting time with key cards and fragemented systems.

Moving Offices

Facility Experience

Make an impression of your business right at the front door with Kisi mobile passes.

Higher Security

Higher Security

Keep your key operations lean. No more forgetten or lost key cards or need to change out your lock.

Install Kisi

How does Kisi get installed in my space?

Getting Kisi in your office is as simple as picking up the phone and working with their security specialists to discuss your specific needs.

  • 1

    Security review with the Kisi team

  • 2

    Project proposal within 24 hours

  • 3

    Kisi coordinates the installation and rollout

Additional Common Questions About Kisi Mobile Access Control

These are some of the most common things we hear everyday from folks considering mobile access for their office or building.

What happens if power or internet is out?

We always keep an analog backup option for emergency cases. You will always have a way to access your space.

Will Kisi work my locks?

As long as you have electric locks, our system will work. Check your compatibility here.

Why can’t I buy this from my local vendor?

They are hardware vendors. KISI is mostly a software solution with embedded hardware technology components like Bluetooth and NFC.

Let's do this. Talk to our team to get Kisi in your office.

Kisi has a team of experts standing by to talk to you provide your security review. If you have questions, click below to talk to the people who know it best.