Kisi Features: Door Access Security Audit

  • Automatic audit reports

  • Security compliance

  • Visitor tracking

Pass your door security audit or security risk assessment with ease using KISI’s real time events and access log record allowing to pull security reports on demand.

Automatic audit reports

If you have a security audit coming up, waiting for the auditor to stop by and give you a list with insufficient items can cost you the license. Keep your access logs on file and pull unlock and access reports on demand, download as excel or csv and export it. This is crucial for financial services, medical, biotech or even non profits.

Security compliance license

HIPAA, ISO 27000 or SOC 2 type 2 require audited physical security in place. KISI’s fully tracked user access system allows to pull events even for historic activities in the past. Answer questions like "Do past employees still have keys/access cards to the building?” or “Have past employees/ terminated employees been removed from having access to the property?” with ease.

Visitor Access Log

Relying solely on printed badges can be prone to errors. Check-in and check-out visitors to create a controlled access point for not only employees with keycards or swipe cards but for everyone getting access to the office. Keep a digital access log on file and even track check-ins when you are not there.

Make your doors compliant by starting with a physical security program.

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