Kisi Features: Key Management

  • Group key profiles

  • Instantly issue keys

  • See key usage data

Key management for employees, visitors, and interns made simple.Use the Kisi Dashboard to group and create keys for authorized personnel.

Group Key Profiles

Not all key holders should have the same access in your office or building. With group key profiles you can set restrictions on a group level to know that the right personnel can access the right places. For example, an IT group might be the only group with access to the IT room or an intern group might only have access from 9-6pm Monday through Friday.

Instantly Issue Keys

Keys can be instantly issued to an email address from the Kisi mobile apps available on Apple and Android. The opposite is also possible; keys can be instantly revoked from a user who may have left the company. No more keys floating in space or changing the locks when an employee parts ways with your organization.

See Key Usage Data

From the Kisi data dashboard you can see when keys are used and on what doors providing a 360 view of access to your space. You can nail down how often an employee is coming/going, if any keys are used during off hours, and even which doors have heaviest traffic and at what times.

Efficiently manage your office keys with Kisi

Build your custom access profiles and test out mobile keys for yourself.