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Kisi Features: Remote Garage Gate Opening and Access Controller App

  • Remote unlock

  • Installed indoor

  • No change at the gate


Remote Unlock

Visitors or service staff arrives at a locked gate or garage when you are not there. Use KISI’s mobile Android or iOS controller app to remotely unlock the electric gate or garage when you can not be there in person. Learn how it works

Installed indoors

KISI works with your existing fob system for garage doors or gates. It is installed inside of your facility and runs in parallel with the existing system. Learn more how fob systems work.

No change at the gate

At the point of access there is no change to the lock, door or gate. The smartphone app will send an encrypted signal to the KISI cloud which will validate the access right and forward it to your controller in your facility to unlock the door. This happens completely in the background and no new lock has to be installed. The user just needs a mobile internet connection at the gate. See a demo of the interface

Start remotely unlocking your gate and garage.

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