Kisi Features: Time Restrictions

  • Time of Day

  • Day of Week

  • Date Expirations

Restrict employee keys to only work during a specific time of day, day of the week, or even month of the year. When the time you set passes, keys automatically expire.

Time of Day

When you restrict keys by time of day, users can only access the locks during a specificed time frame. This time restriction is especially useful if you have dedidcated office hours or part-time employees that should only have access to your office at certain times. For example, the cleaning staff might have keys that work from 6pm-9pm while full-time employees have access from 9am-6pm.

Day of the week

Day of the week time restrictions can help you secure your office on the weekends. If you restrict keys to only work Monday through Friday, you can be sure that no employees are coming in on the weekends. Combine with the time of day time restriction and full-time employees may only have valid keys Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.

Date Expirations

Once a keys time restrictions have passed or expired, the key will expire and will not work for all locks in your office or building. This is especially useful when working with consultants, temporary works, or interns. It allows for a seemless offboarding process with no need to track down keys or change locks when a temporary employee finishes their time with the company.

Put time restrictions on your office keys

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