Door Access Redefined

Kisi is a physical access control system for businesses.
Manage access rights for your doors in the cloud.

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Scalable cloud based physical access control for fast organizations.

Available on:

iOS Android Web
Unlock Doors

Open doors remotely

When your locks are connected to Kisi, you can unlock them through the Kisi app from anywhere with cell signal.

share key

Share keys with a click

Instantly share keys with employees or visitors on the Android and iOS Apps

Unlock Doors

Manage multiple locations and doors

Easily give users access to multiple doors, even accross multiple locations.


See who comes into your office and when

Kisi provides software that is the dashboard for your doors. Once installed, Kisi allows everyone to access doors using their mobile device.

access control

Manage all of your locations in one place

Kisi helps you survive high turnover, visitor traffic, and mobile security inititiatives at your organization.

Key Time Restrictions

Set time restrictions

Restrict keys to only work during specfic times on specific days of the week. Keys self-destruct once they exipire passed the date you set.

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Unlock Data

View real-time acccess logs

See exactly when employees access your space and which rooms are used most. With Zapier, you can set automation notifcations when a door is accessed after hours.

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Mobile Access Credentials

Require mobile credentials

Keys are tied to single mobile devices and can only be accessed by the phone owner. If a phone is lost or misplaced, access can be revoked remotely.

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Key Grouping

Group access profiles

Create groups with umbrella restrictions to easily add employees to the group that fits their level example. Great for creating access for admins, managers, temporary visitors, and guests.

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