Securely Manage Access to Your Office with KISI

KISI and PivotDesk integration

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March 2016

Kisi allows you to easily manage access to your office space via cloud based access control. Once your doors are connected to Kisi, you can issue smartphone keys to employees, guests, and event your new PivotDesk tenants.

When you connect the two services, you'll be able to make sure your new PivotDesk tenants have key access to your space via Kisi and more:

  • Instantly grant door access to your new tenants.
  • Monitor who unlocks your office door and when.
  • When a tenant moves from your space, revoke key access immediately.
  • And more, from syncing two great space management tools KISI and PivotDesk.

To learn how it works and to find out how to get this integration in your office, fill out the form to the right and our team will be in touch.

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