Kisi: Get a Master Key for Literally Everything… Without the Key

You reach the office in the morning with a coffee in one hand and your phone in the other, and now you have to rummage through your bag to find the swipe card. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just unlock the door using your phone? Now you can with a new app called Kisi.

A startup is literally opening doors for companies in New York City. Let’s check out Kisi.

Kisi is a smartphone access system which allows you to use your phone to enter properties, apartments, offices, and allows you to share access with your employees, friends, or service person. And your smartphone act as keys, you can control keys through your smartphone and see the access lock. It’s a pretty easy system to use.

“Normally if you enter your office you have a key card to swipe so we thought about how would it be if you could use an app on your phone to just press a button and the door unlocks. People can use it for their homes, use it for their offices, use it for their gym, use it for citibike, use it for zipcar, whatever you have it’s one key for everything that is locked and that’s the vision that we have.”

“Kisi really gets rid of the whole key paradigm, even fobs you still have to carry something additional in your pocket, but with Kisi it’s something less to carry each day.”

“Of course that’s the overall goal, the make the city smartphone accessible, but of course you have to start at some point and we figured out the best way was to start with commercial spaces, we’ve started with hotels right now, we can go into hotels with our system, it’s a seamless check in.”

“I think it’s so easy to use that there’s really no barrier to entry for a company to just start getting on it. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays and it’s a really great way to kind of reign in your security and not have loose keys jingling everywhere.”

Source: Alley Wire