Ding-Dong: Digital Doorman OffersSafer & Easier Remote Access

It's a universal given: if you're waiting for an urgent delivery, the package you've diligently waited for the last 3 hours will undoubtedly only arrive once you've stepped into the shower and fully lathered yourself up into a mole-like blind state. Delivery services, care givers, craftsmen, babysitters, dog walkers, or maybe just a friend dropping by to say hello...you're not always there to give them access (or properly dressed to do so). Thus, the emergence of "digital doorman" devices and services...

Granting access into multi-unit apartments or condos with a front desk, concierge, or doorman, can be a hassle requiring scheduling for pick-up and drop off a physical key (or trusting an outside source to keep a copy) or being home to buzz someone in. And even home owners and single apartment renters often find themselves needing someone to get the door while preoccupied or away from the door.

Just think about it: we're already able to request and schedule services online. Why can't we do the same for granting scheduled and limited access using the same online and cloud services? The old intercom system and dumb doorbell both seem sorely outdated, especially when there are new digital equivalents now available without the requirement of expert rewiring or major hardware purchases. 

Here are a few ways to add a digital doorman to control who comes in and out of your home from anywhere, at any time.

The $349 KISI keyless entry system is designed to hand over doorman duties to the smartphone. Users can open the door using a remote app and can also designate specific windows of time with a temporary shared code. Those with an intercom system are offered the option to integrate the KISI system to work together, rather than replace the previous generation of multi-building access systems, making this possibly a great option for landlords and building management looking to upgrade without major reinvestment.

Source: Apartment Therapy