RE:Tech Challenge winner unlocks doors 

Lock your door and throw away the key. No, seriously. NY RE:Tech challenge winner, KISI, is an app that unlocks doors using virtual keys on smartphones. Here’s an exclusive interview with the founder, Bernard Mehl.

The need for KISI came about when Co-Founders, Bernhard Mehl, Maximilian Schuetz and Carl Pfeiffer noticed that handing over keys when renting an apartment was a real burden. Maximilian says, “Instead of keeping people out, locks are now used to let people in, while increasing security risk at the same time. We wanted to change how access to an apartment was shared by digitizing the process, making it a lot easier and more flexible.”

With all three founders having previously worked in tech startups, they created an app that could be implemented into any existing electronic access system and allows landlords to manage all their properties from one interface. They can also easily share keys by email address, limit their access by location or time and view live logs of when keys are being used.

While KISI enables landlords to remain in full control of who gets to enter their properties, it’s also convenient for tenants. Delivery services or the UPS guy can be buzzed in remotely even when they aren’t there. This allows tenants a much more flexible and convenient lifestyle and upgrades buildings with a whole new operating system and experience.

Maximilian says, “Currently, we are focused on rolling out KISI to locations where there is a high frequency of foot traffic. These are mainly front doors of buildings or office doors. But the technology can be used for any type of real estate from apartments to garages and integrated with any electronic access system.”

Source: FForward