Secure communication

Kisi credentials use secure communication protocols such as NFC, Bluetooth, and 128-bit encrypted communication.

Keychain organization

All the keys in your organization tracked in one central app.

Primary device security

Keyholders have a primary device restriction to prevent unauthorized access.

Instant unlocks

Automatic credential detection allows for lightning fast unlock response time.


More ways to unlock with Kisi.

Allow keyholders to unlock with the method they are most comfortable with. Kisi credentials use the most sophisticated and secure access protocols on the market.

  • Use the Android or iOS mobile app.
  • Tap your Apple or Android device to the Kisi Reader.
  • Tap your Kisi Pass to the Kisi Reader
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smart card credentials

App to unlock.

app unlock

The Kisi Reader's communicate with Android and iOS phones so your keyholders can unlock with whatever they are carrying. Simply open the app and click the unlock button.

Tap to unlock.

tap to unlock

Tap your Android or iOS device (with Bluetooth or NFC enabled) to the Kisi reader to unlock the door. NFC passes work the same way.

Proximity Readers to Verify Visitors

Kisi Proximity readers are mounted near your door to authenticate the access credentials and unlock the door.

Battery Readers

Easy to install and compatible with tap to unlock technology.

Wired Readers

Features LED light feedback and compatible with tap to unlock technology.

Pro Readers

LED light feedback, compatible with tap to unlock technology for both mobile phones and Kisi Passes.


Models + Tech Specs

Complete overview of our full line of proximity readers.

iosmobile app

iOS Mobile App

Platform Communication Compatibility Version Price
Apple iOS Bluetooth
iOS 8.0 or later 3.5.1 Free
android app

Android Mobile App

Platform Communication Compatibility Version Price
Android NFC
Android 4.0.3 and up 3.0.8 Free
nfc proximity card
Model Communication Compatibility Color Price
KC-P100 NFC Pro Readers Matte Black $50 (10 count)
web app access control

Web App

Permissions Communication Platform Version Price
WiFi Browser 13.1.2 Free

*MSRP list price shown. International pricing, discounts and promotions available through Kisi authorized resellers. Contact Kisi for a custom quote.

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Costs for each of the reader options

Credentials Overview

Proximity Readers

proximity reader

Proximity readers to authenticate all Kisi credentials.


Advanced Security License

All standard features, plus:
  • Multi-location management
  • Access to all integrations
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Suspicious unlock detection
  • SAML 2.0, SSO integrations
  • Camera and CCTV integrations

All Kisi licenses include installation support, phone support, and a hardware warranty at no additional cost.

Calculate your costs

See lock compatibility, pricing, and total cost of ownership for Kisi controllers, readers, licenses, and installation for an access control system in your office.

Try Kisi access yourself and discover the power of cloud access control.

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