Turnstiles are great to control the inflow of people and visitors - even if you just want to have a count how many people come in. Turnstiles greatly control the flow of incoming guests. A main difference between turnstiles are:

  • Access controlled turnstiles vs unlocked turnstiles
  • Regular vs. Prison style turnstiles
  • Access control with barcode for visitors or just authorized unlocking

A major manufacturer of turnstiles is Boon Edam. Here are details about the four types of proximity readers in more depth:

Access controlled metal turnstiles

If you arrive at a large building, there are most likely some regular turnstiles in the lobby that prevent you from entering. The good thing about those turnstiles is that they only allow individual visitor to enter upon previous authentication.

Kisi's opinion: If you think you need a turnstile, you are a company with significant footprint. Turnstiles are not an entry level gear.
Turnstile in a lobby

Turnstile in a lobby


Prison style turnstiles

If you want absolute security that people don't climb over turnstiles when there is no lobby security available, you need to install prison style turnstiles.

Kisi's opinion: Prison style turnstiles are everything their name says about them: prison style. Think twice if you really want to make that first impression to your visitors. Even large signature towers only use turnstiles that are a little taller than normal. Your office is not an airport.
Prison style turnstile

Prison style turnstile

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