Managing Access 101: The Power of the Kisi Admin Dashboard 

Kyle Milley

Presented by:

Kyle Milley

Implementation Expert, Kisi

Within the Kisi access control system, the Admin Dashboard is where you will control who has access to your office and when. Unlike other complicated and unorganized dashboards, the Kisi Admin dashboard is designed to make controlling your space simple and easy-to-manage.

Join us to learn how you can unlock the power of the Kisi admin dashboard to keep your office secure, improve your operations, and save yourself time and energy.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • How the Admin Dashboard will impact your operations

  • How to leverage places, doors, and user groups

  • Setting up restrictions and when to use them

  • How integrations add more value to your Kisi system

  • Managing multi-location organizations

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