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KISI Referral Rewards
Not yet a KISI customer? Not a problem! You can still refer someone and get rewarded.

1. Invite Your Friends

Most of our customers hear about KISI from their friends. Reach out and tell them about your experience with keyless access everyday. They will appreciate it. Spreading the love is just one click away!

2. Your Friend Signs Up For KISI

Your friends will receive an invitation email to meet KISI. If one of your referees decides to sign up for KISI monthly plan, you will be rewarded. Just remind them to mention your name as a referral.

3. Get Rewarded

As soon as someone you referred becomes a KISI customer, we will reach out and reward you. You can choose between getting 1 free month on your KISI plan or a $125 Amazon Gift Card.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: For each referral, the person who makes the referral (the “Ambassador”) will receive a free month of their KISI subscription OR a $125 Amazon Gift Card. The new customer referred to KISI (the “Friend”) will receive a free month of KISI plan once they get on board. Referral reward becomes payable only after the Friend activates a new account with KISI. Friend must not be an existing KISI customer at the time of the referral. To be eligible for a referral reward, the Ambassador must submit referral by providing Friend’s name and contact information at the following website: Additionally, Friend must inform sales representative at the time of the initial phone call with KISIt that he or she was referred by a particular Ambassador. There is no limit to the number of Friends an Ambassador can refer. Ambassadors will be eligible for one referral reward for each system purchased by Friend at the time of Friend’s initial purchase. Ambassador will not get referral rewards for any additional system(s) purchased by Friend at a later date. Only one Ambassador may receive referral rewards for referring a particular Friend. If multiple Ambassadors submit the same referral, credit will be given only to the earlier referral. KISI employees and their family members are eligible to participate in the referral rewards program. KISI reserves the right to modify or discontinue the referral rewards program at any time without notice. By clicking the "Start Sharing" button you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of KISI Referral Program.
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