Secure your office with smart key control

Secure smartphone keys for all the doors in your office. Give the right personnel the right keys.

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Manage keys to your office from anywhere.

Share smartphone keys with employees, monitor unlock activity, and unlock your office doors remotely with Kisi.


Share Keys With a Click

Issuing a new office key is as simple as typing an email address and setting access restrictions by the week, day, hour, or even minute.

Monitor Access Activity

Watch over your office 24/7 with the Kisi app, so you always know who is at the office, even when you aren't there.

Unlock from Your Phone

If a visitor is at the front door, you can unlock the door for them from anywhere in the world via the Kisi app.

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Access solutions for every type of business.

From growing businesses with a single location to nationwide businesses, we have access control solutions for companies of all types and sizes.

At Mod, we're committed to bringing hospitality to the workplace. Integrating Kisi with our software has not only helped provide a better experience for our members, but more importantly, helped them love the way they work.
- Nicholas Blair, Mod
San Fransisco, CA

Upgrade your electronic door lock to a Kisi wifi lock

The Kisi wifi lock connects your existing electronic door lock system to send the unlock signal via WiFi and unlock the door. See below for compatible door lock systems that seamlessly connect to the Kisi wifi lock.

Kisi Smart Wifi Lock

Electric Mortise Locksets

Kisi Electromagnetic Wifi Lock

Electromagnetic Locks

Kisi WiFi Electric Strike

Electric Strikes


Talk to our team to get Kisi in your office.

Kisi has a team of experts standing by to talk to you about access control. If you have questions, click below to talk to the people who know it best.



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