Kisi NYC Next Big Idea Competition

Kisi at NYC's Next big Idea Competition 2013

First Kisi Prototype

The first Kisi prototype was wooden

Future of Work Panel 2016

Bernhard speaking at Future of Work Jan 2016

A Vision for Key Innovation Since Conception

The short version:
Since being founded in 2012, Kisi has installed their keyless entry systems in hundreds of high traffic facilities across the globe. Kisi is a great example of an IOT company that is creating not an extra product to buy, but an enhanced experience for something we all do- working and living indoors. Check out their technology that is redefining our expectations around security.
[words courtesy by Mari Kussman]

The long version:

Kisi was founded in 2012 by Bernhard Mehl, Max Schuetz, and Carl Pfeiffer in Munich, Germany. The trio moved to New York in 2013 to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt and went on to win NYC's Next Big Idea Competition. Victory celebrations ensued, and they decided to move their headquarters to Brooklyn in order to expand their operations. The Kisi team has been hard at work ever since devising innovative solutions for cloud-based key management and mobile access control.

Today, Kisi helps hundreds of organizations streamline their operations, enhance security, and improve the day-to-day experience of their members. By providing modern, digital access through patented hardware and easy to use software, people no longer have to deal with lost or misplaced key cards or figure out which keys correspond to which door. Customizable, real-time access is deployed through the click of a button and it’s easy to track activity and monitor who should have access to which doors in your space.

Kisi’s applications range from small brick-and-mortar operations to multi-location enterprises looking to overhaul outdated systems. We’re also the top access control system choice among coworking spaces. Other clients include Casper, DigitalOcean, Cushman & Wakefield, Yesware, Percolate, and Harry’s.

Our keyless entry solution has been recognized as one of the most innovative advancements in smart office technology on the market today. If you’re looking to improve security and help revolutionize access control, give us a buzz.

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