Full-stack commercial access control systems

As a leader in commercial access control, Kisi provides the full access control system including door controllers, proximity readers, management software, and credentials.

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User Credentials

Key cards and mobile credential technologies that communicate with Proximity Readers.

Remote Management

Cloud based physical access control from anywhere.

Secure Communication

Unlock doors using location aware Bluetooth, NFC, or WiFi connectivity.

Powerful Hardware

Connect gates, doors, and elevators to a central access management dashboard.


Access Control API

The real-time, cloud-based API enables the flexibility to feed data into custom applications. Integrate with back-end CRM, detect suspicious unlocks with notifications, or sync your memberships to access groups.

Secure credentials to unlock with Kisi

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Credentials are vital to a secure access control system. Kisi provides a variety of credential forms to key holders that can unlock doors. Through Kisi cloud technology, access is validated instanataneously when the credential is presented and the door is unlocked.

When integrated with a database or CRM, credetnials can be automatically issued or revoked when an employee is added or removed.

Kisi credentials and unlock methods are as follows:

  • Use the Android or iOS mobile app
  • Tap your Apple or Android device to the Kisi Reader
  • Tap your Kisi Pass to the Kisi Reader
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What is access control?

A great access control resource is the OWASP Access Control Cheat Sheet. It describes what access control is and access control policies.

According to OWASP's definition of access control - "authorization is the process where requests to access a particular resource should be granted or denied".

The main confusing part for many people is that authentication is not equal to authorization. Authentication validates the identity while authorization determines what the end user can actually access.

Technopedia defines access control as

"Way of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources".

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Kisi Key Management Software

Scalable access management software

Access control software makes key management easy for companies of all sizes. Access groups, access data, occupancy anaytlics, and day/location restrictions, Kisi's cloud-access control removes the risk of untracked keys and unauthorized access. With cloud-based access control, you are guaranteed the latest physical security software in real-time.

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Proximity Readers & Security Protocols

Location-aware hardware with real-time feedback for fast and secure access authorization.


On iOS, Bluetooth must be turned on to unlock the door using tap to unlock. If authorthized and within range of the reader, the door will unlock using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

When an Android phone or Kisi Pass is tapped to a Kisi proximity reader, the door is unlocked using NFC encryption.

Secure Restrictions

Ensure security for your space from unauthorized access. Control users' ability to unlock doors based on location, day of the week, and time of day.

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Physical Security for Shared Spaces

Kisi access control makes securing your shared space intuitive. No more tracking down members or employees for their key fobs, or carrying around a large key ring for access around your office. Automate keys to save time creating, revoking, and monitoring access to your space.

  • Connect to camera systems for visual and mobile authentication.
  • Centralize access to all doors in one access dashboard
  • Log unlock data by door for robust occupancy reporting

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