Unlike smart locks Kevo, Salto, August, or Schlage, Kisi is a keyless access control system that integrates directly with any door powered by an electronic lock (click here to see our electronic lock guide). We used this technology to make office access management simple and secure.

Kisi is a better alternative to smart locks because access can be managed from anywhere. While the Kevo, Salto, August, and Schlage smart locks are all intended for residential use, Kisi is a commercial access control system intended for office and large scale use. 

Below is a head to head comparison of the difference between WiFi smart locks and keyless access control from Kisi. The primary difference is it's intended use.

Kisi Access Control Specifics
Compared to WiFi Smart Lock Alternatives

Take a look at how Kisi's technology compares to traditional residential smart locks on the market.

Kisi Smart Locks
Hardware Router Deadbolt Attachment
Technologies Technology agnostic Mostly Bluetooth-enabled
Primary Market Commercial Consumer

Kisi Integration Requirements

Installing an access control system requires the right hardware. Take a look at how Kisi's installation compares to regular residential smart locks.

Kisi Smart Locks
Installation Integrated Do-It-Yourself
Software Customizable to users' need Fixed

Use Case for Smart Locks and Kisi Access Control

The main difference is the Kisi is intended for office spaces and commercial buildings. Smart Locks are used in the home and residential spaces.

Kisi Smart Locks
User Number Unlimited Friends only
Management Central Web Dashboard Basic in-App Functions
Support Customer support included FAQ and online tutorials

Alternative to august smart locks

august smart lock alternative

The August lock uses your smartphone to unlock the door. It syncs with iPhone or Android via Bluetooth (so it's a Bluetooth-enabled Lock). You can use a touchscreen instead of a key to access the space: press the button and the door unlocks. It also has a great hands-free option which allows you to unlock the door automatically once you reach the door.

Sharing access to visitors on a time restricted or repeating basis is easy and can make sure you have full control over your doors.  As an alternative, you can use Kisi for access control in your residential or commercial space. Kisi works best in places of high traffic; often coworking spaces, startups, and businesses with a large range of employee schedules.

Compare Kevo Smart Locks to Kisi

Kevo Smart Lock Alternative

The UniKey powered Kwikset Kevo is the only true touch-to-open smart lock, requiring no interaction with your phone, providing hassle-free keyless entry. It's great in residential use cases, but not for commercial. 

Kisi as an Alternative to Lockitron

Lockitron Alternative

Lockitron brings you keyless access to your smartphone device.

Lockitron lets you instantly grant family, friends and guests access to your home from anywhere in the world using your internet enabled smartphone. It installs in seconds over your current deadbolt without the need for a locksmith - renters can use Lockitron too since you don't need to change your keys.

Kisi utilizes the similar concept of remote access control, without all the hardware. Lockitron requires heavy deadbolt installations which can result in high costs to the customers. KISI is a lightweight alternative to Lockitron and only uses electric strikes and technology not visible at your front door.

Other smart lock providers according to Research and Market's latest smart lock report.

- Candy House
- Kwikset
- Poly-Control
- Schlage
- Unikey Technologies
- Yale