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All pricing listed is for monthly software license. Hardware and installation cost is not included. 


Perfect for personal use or one door in your office.

0 month
Door controller $449
  • Up to 5 users

  • 1 door

  • Self installation


For businesses starting with physical access management.

Starting at:

Door controllers start at $449
  • Up to 25 users

  • 1 door

  • Self installation


For businesses with a growing staff in a larger office.

starting at:

Door controllers start at $449
  • Starting at 25 users

  • Starting at 1 door

  • Dedicated support

  • Multiple admins

  • Integrations

  • Access log and analytics


For businesses with advanced security & operations needs

Set up a demo:


  • Unlimited active keys

  • Multiple doors

  • Dedicated support

  • Multiple admins

  • Multiple locations

  • Database integration

  • Quarterly security review

SLA pricing available on request. Need a full building or multiple locations secured? Work with us: (646) 663-4880

Cutting Edge Companies Trust Kisi with Access Control Management

Frequently Asked Questions About Kisi

Learn more about installing an access control system and how much it costs.

What Happens if my Smartphone Dies?

Kisi installs on top of your existing system, so your key cards will still work when your smartphone dies or WiFi goes down.

Can a Key Be Used From Any Phone?

No, keys can only be teathered to one device. Admins have the ability to change that device if it is lost or stolen. This prevents the same key being used on multiple devices.

Can I see who Accesses the office?

Yes, the Kisi access logs give you the ability to see who unlocks which doors and at what time. This way you always know who is in the office, and your security is never compromised.

How is Kisi Installed?

Kisi connects to your exisiting electric locking system. If you do not have one in place, there may be additional installation costs to get the proper hardware.

Who is responsibile for installing KISI?

Our team will find a qualified installer in your area to coordinate a time that works well to come and perform the installation. If you have questions about the admin panel you can call us at 646 663 4880.

What Happens If I Need Support?

Our support team will work with you over the phone to answer any questions about access management and the dashboard. If you are having hardware issues, we'll send someone out at no cost to you to take a look.

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