Kisi Access Management

Kisi provides free access to Kisi Access Management for small projects.

Paid tiers of Kisi Access Management start when you grant access to more than 5 users.


20 keys



21-50 keys



51-80 keys



81+ Keys, Multi-location

Custom Pricing

Pricing reflects the price of the Kisi software license for one location. For information on multi-location pricing and alternate prices for coworking spaces, contact our team.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there a monthly fee?

Kisi scales the software license for the number of user you need on your system. Pay for what you are using and nothing more. Unlock other access systems, Kisi uses over the air (OTA) on all hardware to ensure the most up to date security protocols and features.

What happens if my smartphone dies?

Kisi installs on top of your existing system, so your key cards will still work when your smartphone dies or WiFi goes down. Pro Readers will support NFC Cards as an alternative credential for keyholders.

Can a key be used from any device?

No, keys can only be teathered to one unique device. Administrators have the ability to change that device if it is lost or stolen. This prevents the scenario of a login being breached and the same key being used on suspicious devices.

Can I obtain access logs and unlock reporting?

Yes, the Kisi access logs track user, door, date, and time for each unlock attempt and key share. This way you always know who is in the office and who has keys, making it easy for compliance reporting.

Do I need to change my locks?

Kisi connects to your exisiting electric locking system. Check your doors and locks to find out if they are compatible. If hardware replacement is neccessary, we'll work with a trusted Kisi partner in your area to get an accurate quote and get the job done quickly.

Who is responsibile for installing Kisi?

Our team will work with a Kisi Partner in your area to coordinate a time that works well to come for and perform the installation. If you have questions about the system once setup, contact the Kisi support team for questions.

What happens If I need support?

Our support team will work with you over email or the phone to answer any questions about access management and the dashboard. If you are having hardware issues, we'll send someone out at no cost to you to take a look.

Can I just buy the hardware?

For under 5 users, we have starter kits available. We recommend this for residential use, or if you would like to set it up in a small room or office suite.


Want more information?

Ask us about special pricing for shared spaces or multi-location rollouts.

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