Access Control System for Enterprises

As an enterprise, you have a large number of employees and you constantly have to issue and track down keycards.  You probably also have fairly high employee turnover making keycard tracking a hassle and security risk for your business. You need an access management software solution that manages, organizes and analyzes full-time and part-time employee access to the office. 

An effective access control experience will allow you to be 100% sure of who has access to your headquarters and remove the possibility of a security breach when a keycard goes lost or unreturned.

Kisi's next-generation access control system pushes beyond the limits of outdated technology like physical keycards and key fobs. Now you, along with hundreds of other cutting-edge enterprise companies around New York City and the United States can also:

  • Give admin access to issue keys to department heads and C-level employees.
  • Monitor access logs to identify suscpiciuous activity at your company headquarters.
  • Unlock the office front door remotely for emergency situations.
  • Easily oversee all access operations at your company without wasting IT's time or using keycard duplicators.

Kisi offers a faster, smarter and safer way to manage access rights in your headquarters. You can also manage multiple locations and locks from a robust app on your smartphone. We call this complete Enterprise Access Control. And it’s front and center in to our software solution for enterprise level companies. Simplify your access management operations and increase security with Kisi Enterprise Access Control. Your IT department will thank us later.


Manage Access Rights from Web and Mobile

Keep track of employee access rights from our web dashboard, iOS or Android apps. Say goodbye to keycard duplicators and doormen forever.

Control Access based on Time, Day, and Location

All company employees should not have the same access level. Control who can internally issue key and the time each key can access the space.

Monitor Office Security Through Mobile Access Logs

Never leave your company security in question. Monitor real time access logs to see who accesses the office and when.


Case Study: Cushman & Wakefeild Optimize Access Management with Kisi

Cushman & Wakefield is a global real estate services firm, with approximately 250 offices in 60 countries. Founded in New York in 1917 by brothers-in-law, J. Clydesale Cushman and Bernard Wakefield expanded their commercial real estate services such that they eventually became a market leader in all real estate services throughout United States and beyond.

With 100s of employees working in a two floor 175,000 sq/ft office in lower Manhattan, security is of the upmost importance to Cushman & Wakefield. Discover how Kisi's smartphone-powered access control system helped keep business and people flowing at this NYC based Enterprise.

  • Simplified access starting at the front door.
  • Removes the risk of a security breach from lost or stolen keycards.
  • Impress clients and visitors when they visit the office for meetings.
Cushman & Wakefield is always looking for new, innovative opportunities to keep our company and office space ahead of the ever-evolving tech curve. Kisi’s technology enables all of this at the point of access, making our corporate headquarters ready for the future.
Morgane Chang

John Santora

CEO of Cushman & Wakefield North America

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