More than just keys on your smartphone.

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Watch over your office doors from anywhere.

Designed for modern businesses, Kisi is simple to install, provides seamless scalability for provisioning keys, and hands-off maintenance for your front door security system. Work more efficiently with the power of Kisi controlling your locks.

  • Use Bluetooth to unlock doors with your smartphone
  • Build a custom system for your office
  • Watch over your doors from anywhere in the world


Scalable key management that grows with your business.

We make office security simple. Give the right keys to the right people.


Compare us to the competition.

We stack up against other access control systems, smart locks, and traditional alternatives like keys.

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Businesses all over the country are using Kisi to track and manage keys in the cloud.



Get Kisi up and running in your space.

Whether it’s a big office or small space you can get Kisi mobile access to help manage your keys.


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