[Edge Hoboken] Access Management for Community Centers


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The different arrival times of members and staff created a challenge for the old access system of Edge Hoboken. With their traditional access control system, they faced frequent breakdowns.



Jeffrey Marsh, Facility Manager at Edge Hoboken

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

KISI-Enabled Users: 12 - 14  

Office sqft: 7,000 sqft




  • Liability Protection

  • Remote unlock

  • Access levels

  • Easy sharing

We sat down and talked to Jeffrey Marsh, General Manager and Coach, to find out how Edge Hoboken has adapted KISI for their training facility’s needs. 


Why did Edge Hoboken chose to adopt KISI as an access management system?

We came to know about KISI when they were pilot-testing out the system here in New Jersey, where they worked with a residential building and then started working with us.

KISI works much better than having to give our a physical key card. It allows us to be a lot more remote. Previously, when we had a key fob to give someone and maybe they’re off to Manhattan and their coach is here in the central facility, so we had difficulty getting the key fob to the actual user. 

Plus, we could monitor usage and access insights for all of Edge’s membership types. 

Oh all the time. It seems that some of the previous coaches were giving people keys and they would forget the key so I would have to call someone local to open the door and class would start 15 minutes late. Sometimes people would call my phone while I’m on vacation and it would be a mess. All that’s been solved with KISI.
— Jeffrey Marsh on his horror stories of being locked out

How did KISI solve your access management problems?

KISI’s ability to manage and monitor access in our training facility, plus their remote unlocks, really solved our access management problems.

We had a key system before we got a RFID system installed.

We got the RFID system through our property owner and it was difficult for us to manage because we didn't have full time access to it I couldn’t easily access the user log, etc.

KISI's ability to manage and monitor access in our training facility, plus their remote unlocks, really solved our access management problems. 


Who and how are you guys using KISI in Edge Hoboken? 

Image credit: Edge Hoboken

Image credit: Edge Hoboken

12-14 users.

We set "manager access"  rights to the training facility, which allows us to access our office 24/h. The manager access feature has no time and location restrictions. On top of the that, we set location restricted access for all lock features such that the door can only open within 100 yards of the facility.

We have “limited access” for program coaches. It’s one of the main things that was affecting our operations. Previously, parents will arrive early and call the coach and the coach will open the door, causing a liability issue. I wanted to make sure that access was for the coach only where nobody was coming in unsupervised.

With KISI, we could  toggle a location-restricted feature to avoid previous occurrences where a parent could arrive early [to] call the coach to open the door remotely. KISI’s distance restriction feature makes sure that the coach is at the space [so that] there are no liability issues to deal with. 


From a user perspective, what do you think is the most attractive feature about KISI?

Ease of use.

Previously, we had a security system installed to open the door remotely we had to log into a security app and it was quite a process, it took a few minutes, worked 50% of the time.

We’ve never had an issue with KISI. Remote access is a pretty cool feature. 

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