Kisi Features: Unlock Data

  • Unlocks by User

  • Real-Time Reports

  • Detect Susupicious Unlocks

See exactly when employees access your space in the Kisi unlock data. Ensure only those who are pre-authorized by you are entering your office.

Unlocks by User

With Kisi unlock data, you can see exactly when an authorized unlock happens and by whom the unlock is triggered. If you're having a delivery dropped off with a Kisi smartphone key, you can see exactly when it is delivered.

Real-time reports

Kisi unlock data automatically updates when a new unlock is detected on any of your doors. This type of interactive monitoring is perfect for virtual front desks and leadership that still wants to see what is happening in the office while remote. Our data also gives insight into when your doors are seeing the most foot traffic.

Detect Suspicious Unlocks

When an unlock occurs during non-office hours, you'll be able to see who performed the unlock in the Kisi data dashboard. You can also set notifications in the access logs to ensure you can detect this behavior in real-time. If you believe an unauthorized unlock happened, you can immediately revoke access and notify the appropriate security personnel.

Monitor access to your space from anywhere in the world

Build your custom access profiles and test mobile creentials