Compare HID Keycards and Keyless Access Control from Kisi


Kisi Keyless Access Control is the
Best Alternative to HID Key Cards.

As a business, you need a reliable access control system to secure your office. Traditional commercial and enterprise access systems like HID Keycards cost far more than better alternatives and pose a risk to your office security. Compare HID Key Cards and Keyfobs to Kisi Keyless Access Control and you'll find that Kisi offers a more secure and simple solution for your access control needs. The Keyless Access experience allows you to be 100% sure of who has access to your office. Read on to find out more about how Kisi Keyless Access compares to HID's physical key access control solution.

  • More Secure: Monitor employee access logs and issue temporary keys all from your smartphone application.
  • Integrates Seemlessly: Installs as a standalone system or runs in parallel to your exisiting access control or security system.
  • Complete Control: Limit smart key access with time and location-bound access. Unlock the office door from anywhere.
KISI Keyless Access Control

Advantages of Keyless Access Compared to Physical Key Cards

Cloud Access Control
Location Based Restrictions
Employee Access Control

Manage Access Rights from Web and Mobile

Keep track of employee and visitor access rights from the Kisi dashboard on the web, iOS or Android apps.

Control Employee Access based on Time and Location

All employees should not have the same access rights. Control sub-admins who can issue keys to employees and what time each key can access the space.

Monitor Office Security Through Cloud Based Access Logs

Never leave your office security in question. Monitor real time access logs to see who accesses the space and when.


Kisi Keyless Access is the Best Alternative to HID Key Cards Commercial Access Control

Not quite convinced yet? Take a look at how Kisi Keyless Access and HID Key Cards compare in terms of software security, technology, and cost.

Provider Management Technology Cost
Kisi Cloud Based Software Smartphone Keys $
HID Cloud Based Software Physical Key Cards $$$$

Get Kisi keyless access control solutions in your office.