ADT Access Control

ADT Access Control

ADT ensures your business is secured with access control systems that keep your entrances locked and secure. Keep track of all your entrances, exits, and entrances.

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ADT Access Control Features

  • Burgalry monitoring
  • Event monitoring
  • Alerts/notifications
  • Remote access
  • Interactive video surveillance
  • Fire alarm monitoring

ADT Access Control Business Solutions

  • Retail security
  • Food & beverage
  • Clinical
  • Office
  • Mechanical

ADT Access Control Review

ADT is an international company that provides electronic safety and security solutions to primarily residential units. ADT focuses on making home spaces safe from a variety of elements, such as break-ins, fires, floods, and more. It also provides a one-to-many solution for homeowners who want to create a smart home environment, allowing them to connect a variety of home appliances and IoT devices to the physical access control system.

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It may be an online app, but having everything preloaded in your browser makes it as fast to use as any native app. You can even open Clevertim, then disconnect from the internet and continue to use it. You won't be able to add new data, but you could easily view anything that's already been added to your CRM.

Like many other commercial access control solutions, ADT can connect to a number of 3rd party emergency hardware as well as support its own brand of security hardware.

ADT access control

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