Identicard Access Control

IDenticard Access Control

IDenticard manufactures ID cards and provides access and security tool to monitor and secure facilities. They offer ID cards & badges, photo ID software, visitor management tools and more.

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Identicard Premisys access control
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IDenticard PremiSys Access Control Features

  • Remote connectivity
  • Maximum door control
  • Detailed data
  • Photo recall
  • Cardholder management
  • Last access granted
  • Video integration
  • Alarm mapping

IDenticard Access Control Markets & Industries

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education (K-12)
  • Higher Education
  • Business and Industry

IDenticard PremiSys Access Control

IDenticard is known for the customizable ID badges and credentials for employees which can be used for access control. In addition to custom badges and identity management, IDenticard provides readers from the following vendors: Allegion, Essex Electronics, Fairpointe Data, HID, and Morphotank. The readers are the latest available to mass-market and include proximity card readers, barcode readers, and magstripe readers.

The PremiSys access control system, you can create custom photo ID badge designs to add branding to your organization's proximity cards. Additionally, you will be able to grant the badge access to specific doors and times. PremiSys is priced on the number of doors connected to your system and how many user credentials you need to issue. The Pro version allows for elevator controls and video integration while the light version restricts users to only mobile credentials and cardholder management.

IDenticard badging products are available for purchase online while readers and PremiSys access management products must be purchased through a partner. What the company adds in customization and branding for businesses, it loses in practical security and safety features.

identicard premisys access control

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