[Decisive] Office Access for Fast Growing Startups

decisive smartphone access control


As a fast growing mobile advertising startup, Decisive is concerned with efficiency and transparency of sharing access in their SoHo office. After using KISI in a co-working space, Decisive knew they had to have the keyless access system for themselves. 


Though Decisive’s office is nestled in the heart of Soho, employees can beat the morning with KISI. Many mentioned that their daily office entry experience was improved. Decisive.is would no longer be impeded by inefficiency caused by lost keys. and can now focus on growing their company rather than keeping up with lost keys.

Location: Manhattan, New York

Sqft covered:  2000 sqft

Key usage: Approx 30 - 50 shares



  • Event management
  • Ease-of-use
  • Easy integration
  • Temporary access
Kisi is one of the most useful apps around. All a person has to do is to open the app and slide an icon to unlock a door.
— Donte Ledbetter, Decisive.is

We talked to Donte Ledbetter of Decisive.is and learn how they have adapted KISI's keyless access system for their own use. 


What are the few problems you were hoping to solve with a new access solution?

The number one requirement for us was that our access control solution has to have an app, because we are tech people and we like apps. The company has to have great customer service and KISI has both. Cost is another consideration and for an access control system, KISI was fairly priced. 


Is life easier now that you have KISI?

We’re in a building with 4 floors. The second and 4th floor is our offices. We don't have an intercom setup so when someone rings the buzzer, someone would always have to get up out of the seat to open the door, which was a huge hassle.

Now with KISI, when someone rings the buzzer for the fourth floor, we can just open it remotely. That’s the best thing about it, the fact that office access management can be made less distracting because I don't have to continually get up and open the door. All I have to do is swipe the blue thing and that’s it. 

On a personal level, it solves the problem of having to fumble with keys. I can go out to lunch and within five feet of the door, I can open it. If it’s pouring, I don't have to fumble with keys and hold my umbrella. It solves my daily annoyances.


What is your favorite feature in KISI?

I love the fact that you can have someone create keys for multiple people.If you have additional employees, it’s easy for them to set up keys. I also like that you can set up keys for multiple places. It’s the ease of use of it that’s really the most important thing.

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