Compare Kisi to Access Control Systems & Technologies

There are several choices out there when it comes to selecting an access control system to use in your office.
Use this guide to compare technologies and alternatives to Kisi Access Control to find out which system
is the best fit for your business in terms of security and price.


Commercial Access Control Systems

Explore why Kisi is more modern and secure than other providers offering similar services.

Credential Technologies

 Kisi uses keyless entry on your smartphone for access. Compare our technology to other options like key cards and biometrics.

Residential Smart Locks

Kisi is intended for commercial use yet similar smart lock technology is common to the residential market. 


Commercial Access Control Comparison

From a remote unlocking the door via our API to automagically giving keys to new onboarding,
we have integrations that touch all corners of your business.


Access Systems

Installation Fee
Monthly Fee
Access Logs
Remote Unlocks
Unlimited Keys

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