Kisi Features: Bluetooth Lock Connectivity

  • Bluetooth compatible

  • Secure authentication

  • Hands-free unlock

Unlock your office doors using your smartphone over bluetooth connection. Securely trigger the unlock only when in range of the beacon.

Bluetooth Compatible

Kisi unlocks occur when the mobile device is connected to the lock over Bluetooth signal. If key holders are required to connect over Bluetooth, they must have it powered on their device. Once on, the device will only recognize locks connected to Kisi and in tethering range of the mobile device. Once paired with the lock, the unlock signal will be sent once the distance restriction is met.

Secure Authentication

Securing a lock with Bluetooth will allow only keyholders in range of the beacon to unlock the door. This type of key holder restriction prevents employees from unlocking the door from anywhere. These key holders must be in range of the beacon for Kisi to authenticate the device and unlock the door.

Hands-free unlock

When a user is in range of the lock and has cleared the Bluetooth and distance restrictions, the unlock will occur with no added action from the user. No need to open the app or fumble through your wallet: simply approach the door and Kisi will recognize your device and unlock the door, all within seconds.

Unlock your office doors using Bluetooth lock connectivity

Build your access profiles and custom restrictions.