Kisi Features: Mobile Access Credentials

  • Secure Mobile Credentials

  • Access via Bluetooth or NFC

  • Two-Factor Authentication

Turn your phone into a keyfob or swipe card to enter the office. Use Kisi’s mobile credentials to authenticate via bluetooth or NFC.

Secure Mobile Credentials

Download the Kisi App onto your phone and transform it into a mobile credential using secure, encrypted tokens to unlock the door. Any activity is audited in real time so BYOD and incident response for your physical security becomes an easy operational process.

Access via Bluetooth or NFC

With iPhones, Kisi’s bluetooth technology to is used to authenticate an unlock via the Kisi reader. Using Bluetooth low energy (BLE), your phone sends an encrypted signal to trigger the unlock of the door. Use Kisi’s near-field technology with Android phones to unlock doors via Kisi's NFC credentialing technology.

Mobile Two-Factor Authentication

Use the biometrics readers embedded on modern smartphones to authenticate at special security access points like IT rooms, data center doors, or access requests in off-hours that seem to be an anomaly. This prevents identity theft using biometric user authorization and allows you to run modern key management with ease.

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