Kisi Features: Two-Factor Authentication

  • Location restrictions

  • Unique phone pairing

  • Suscpicious detection

Require two-factor authentication restrictions on all keyholders to ensure only authorized personnel can access the appropriate locks in your office.

Location Restrictions

Adding location restrictions to smartphone keys requires users to be within range of the beacon to send an unlock signal to the Kisi door controller. With this restriction in place, users must log in with their password and be within a specified range of the lock to unlock the door and access your office.

Unique phone pairing

All Kisi keys are teathered to a unique device that requires the key holder to be logged into the Kisi app on their device to unlock the door. This type of two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized logins when login information is compromised. Devices and users must be recognized by the Kisi system to unlock the door.

Suspicious Detection

When Kisi recognizes a key that attempts to unlock the door outside of their designated time or location, Kisi will notify the administratotr of such activities. This type of suspicious detection adds a layer of security to your two factor authentication to reinforce restrictions placed on keys and give the admin an unprecedented view into who is accessing their space and when.

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