Unlock doors with your smartphone.

unlock door with phone

A seamless access experience at all your office doors.

Designed for a modern workforce, unlocking with Kisi gives you the power to control the physical world via the cloud. To unlock your Kisi connected door:

  • 1

    Approach the door with your smartphone.

  • 2

    Tap your smartphone on the Kisi reader or open the Kisi app to unlock the door.

  • 3

    Within miliseconds the door will unlock and you will receive a notification. Open sesame!

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Connect your doors to the cloud with Kisi

When you connect your doors to Kisi, you're connecting them to the internet of things. Gone are the days of managing access on a local server; no more local maintence or troubleshooting.

Using our cloud technology, your smartphone becomes your keyring. Share keys and control multiple doors with the devices you already use everyday.

cloud access control

Control key permissions from anywhere.

Easily send smartphone keys to visitors, control which doors they can access, and what times those keys will work.


Scalable key management that grows with your business.

We make office security simple. Give the right keys to the right people.


Connects to all commercial grade electronic locks.

The Kisi Access Control Device connects to your existing electronic door lock system to allow users to unlock doors over WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Electric Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks

Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes

Mag Locks

Mag Locks

Panic Bar

Panic Bars


Timeline for getting Kisi installed in your office

If you sign up today, you could have Kisi up and running in your office in 15 days.

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Purchase your custom access control system

Work with a Kisi security specialist to build a custom access control system.

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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common things we hear everyday from folks considering mobile access for their office or building.

Is Kisi secure?

Yes, in fact more secure than most keycards and traditional keys. Ask ask us why in your security review!

What happens if power or internet is out?

We always keep an analog backup option for emergency cases. You will always have a way to access your space.

Why can’t I buy this from my local vendor?

They are hardware vendors. KISI is mostly a software solution with embedded hardware technology components like Bluetooth and NFC.

Can a key be used from any phone?

No, keys can only be teathered to one device. Admins have the ability to change that device if it is lost or stolen. This prevents the same key being used on multiple devices.

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Get Kisi up and running in your space.

Whether it’s a big office or small space you can get Kisi mobile access to help manage your keys.


Keys Made Easy

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