Who we work with

From architects to locksmiths and everyone in between.

Consultants + Specifiers

Architects + Engineers

Locksmiths + Integrators

Work with Kisi as an installer or integrator

Chose how you want to work with Kisi. Either spec Kisi into your projects or receive installation jobs from Kisi HQ.

Install Kisi

  • Get leads from Kisi and conduct pre-sale site visits
  • No need to sell or support software
  • Earn on parts and labor from installation

Spec Kisi Into a Project

  • Specify Kisi in consultant, architect, and developer proposals
  • Specify infrastructure needs
  • Communicate benefits of Kisi to client

Actively Sell Kisi

  • Promote Kisi to your own clients
  • Specify Kisi in project proposals
  • Earn revenue on software (recurring), hardware, labor, and parts

Benefits of working with Kisi

Earn revenue and sell sleek access control. For architects, consultants, locksmiths and everyone in between.

access control installer

Commercial access control made simple.

Designed for modern businesses, Kisi is simple to install, provides seamless scalability for provisioning keys, and hands-off maintenance for your front door security system. Work more efficiently with the power of Kisi controlling your locks.


Partner with Kisi for modern access control

Learn how to specify or sell to clients in your area.