Work with Kisi as a reseller or installer

Chose how you want to work with Kisi - either close the deals or install for exisiting clients.

Install Kisi

  • Receive closed jobs and install Kisi at new clients’ offices
  • No need to sell, setup, or support software
  • Receive revenue from parts and labor of installation

Sell Kisi

  • Sell to leads in your area provided by Kisi
  • Kisi supports the software, leaving you to handle hardware
  • Receive revenue from software (recurring), hardware, time, labor, and parts

Earn money from each job

As an installer, you only earn money on time & labor. As a reseller, you earn on all facets of the sale.

Monthly Software

Kisi Hardware + Locks

Time & Labor

Benefits of working with Kisi

For architects, consultants, locksmiths and everyone in between.

become a kisi partner

Commercial access control made simple.

Designed for modern businesses, Kisi is simple to install, provides seamless scalability for provisioning keys, and hands-off maintenance for your front door security system. Work more efficiently with the power of Kisi controlling your locks.

Who we work with

From architects to locksmiths and everyone in between.

Designers + Architects


Locksmiths + Installers

Get started selling Kisi

Everything you need to start earning commission:

Schedule a Kisi training session

Setup your first demo hardware

Join our network of official partners


Partner with Kisi to sell modern access control in your area

When you work with Kisi, you'll be able to recommend and sell to clients in your area and earn commission doing so. Contact us for specific questions.

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