Faster unlocks

No need to open the Kisi app. Simply tap your phone on the reader to unlock the door.

Identity Verification

Kisi confirms the user is verified before the door unlocks.

Simple installation

Lightweight and easy to install at your front door. Both wired and wireless options.

Minimalist design

Sleek and small the reader looks great mounted next to any access point.


Unlock doors with a range of secure credentials

Kisi utilizes modern protocols like Bluetooth, NFC, or NFC on keys cards. Securely unlock doors at your desk, at your door, or on the go.

phone unlock

Tap and go.

Get in your office faster by enabling NFC or Bluetooth and tapping your phone (or NFC key card) to the reader to unlock the door. Customers simply hold their device near the reader to trigger unlock.

mobile credentials

Open from the app.

Alternatively, you can open the Kisi mobile app, locate the door, and press the 'unlock' button to access the door.

Securely mount your proximity reader

Set up your Kisi Proximity reader near your door for added unlock convenience.

Secure Mount for Kisi Wired Readers

Power the readers over ethernet or low voltage cables to display light and sound feedback when you tap to unlock.

mounted proximity reader

Simple Stick for Battery Powered Readers

Power the readers via batteries to make setup simple. Perfect for interior doors.

mounted proximity reader

Models + Tech Specs

Complete overview of our full line of proximity readers.

battery powered reader

Battery Proximity Wall Reader

Model Connections Mount Power List Price
KR-B100 Bluetooth (iOS)
NFC (Android)
Wall screw
CR2477 3V Battery $149
wired proximity reader

Wired Proximity Wall Reader

Model Connections Mount Power List Price
KR-W100 Bluetooth (iOS)
NFC (Android)
Wall screw 24V-max $249
proximity reader

Pro Proximity Wall Reader

Model Connections Mount Power List Price
KR-P100 Bluetooth(iOS)
NFC (Kisi Passes + Android)
Wall screw Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af

*MSRP list price shown. International pricing, discounts and promotions available through Kisi authorized resellers. Contact Kisi for a custom quote.

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Costs for each of the reader options

Evaluate Kisi

door access control

Kisi Evaluation Kit

Get hardware and software in your office to see if it will fit your physical security needs.


nfc key card

Kisi NFC Passes

Access credentials including iOS and Android apps, and Pro NFC cards which communicate via Bluetooth and NFC.


Advanced Security License

All standard features, plus:
  • Multi-location management
  • Access to all integrations
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Suspicious unlock detection
  • SAML 2.0, SSO integrations
  • Camera and CCTV integrations

All Kisi licenses include installation support, phone support, and a hardware warranty at no additional cost.

Get started with cloud access control

To get Kisi in your office either start by generating an instant quote or speak with a sales rep to learn more about implementation.

office security system
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