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Compare Keyless Access Control Locks to Other Commercial Access Control 

Kisi uses a keyless access control system that puts your office keys on your phone. As an alternative to keycards, key fobs, and biometrics solutions, Kisi is more secure, requires less maintenance, and is much more affordable. Traditional analog access control systems can pose a risk to your business as physical key cards are easy to duplicate and lose track of. With Kisi Keyless Access Control, you can manage individual smartphone keys with unique access rights.

To read more about Kisi compared to other access control technolo Those pages will compare the following notable points:

  • How Access Rights are Managed On Each
  • Cost of Installtion, Hardware, and Software
  • Level of security and encryption level.

Below is a quick overview of all the alternative access control technologies available on the market. Review these quick snapshots before diving into the details.

Compare Commercial Access Control Technologies

Provider Management Technology Cost
Kisi Cloud Software Smartphone Keys $
HID Cloud Software Key Cards, Key Fobs $$$

Control Your Office Door from Anywhere with Kisi Keyless Access Control