The Ultimate Office Security Grader

Featuring the 50 Essential Ways to Secure Your Office

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What is The Ultimate Office SEcurity Grader?

The Ultimate Office Security Grader is a series of 50 questions broken down into 5 sections that cover some of the biggest areas of your office security. The goal of this grader is to help you better understand the health of your office security.

Why should I use the Office Security Grader?

Maintaining a safe working environment is key to inhibiting success and growth within your organization, yet it's easy to get complacent with performing office security checks. This grader is designed to help you put your finger on the pulse of your office's security, and jumpstart your efforts to make updates and changes.

How do I use the Office Security Grader?

We've made it very easy. Simply place a checkmark next to each security measure you already have in place. Add up the total number of checkmarks and use the key to determine your grade. If you're unsatisfied with your grade or have any questions, our Kisi Security Specialists are on call ready to work through your results.

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